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Kroontje Law Office represents individuals and companies involved in civil lawsuits within the State of Washington. We also represent clients with civil disputes that are not yet in litigation. We enable clients to harness the power of the law, and if necessary, we navigate their case through the complexities of court rules and procedures. A prompt and just resolution is always our goal, but we recognize that the likelihood of a "fair settlement" often improves dramatically with judicial oversight, and particularly with the potential for an ultimate decision by in impartial judge or jury at trial.

We have many years of experience litigating civil suits in both state and federal courts in Washington. From pre-suit claims, discovery, mediation, arbitration, and thorough judge and jury trials, we represent plaintiffs with meritorious claims and defendants with meritorious defenses. Our clients have been economically diverse, from individuals of the most humble means up to and including some of the world's largest and wealthiest corporations. Our favorite clients are those who value efficient and experienced representation in civil lawsuits, and are willing to work with us to develop a common sense litigation plan and strategy that is thoughtfully crafted to target the client's specific dispute resolution goals.

Please review our practice areas by following the links above. If your case or civil dispute seems similar to our listed practice areas and prior case descriptions, please call us at (206) 624-6212 to explore whether we might be able to represent you or your company.
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