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Serious Injury & Wrongful Death

As Seattle injury attorneys, we have represented clients in lawsuits involving serious injury cases and/or wrongful death actions arising from motor vehicle accidents, construction site accidents, truck accidents, crane accidents, garbage truck accidents, taxi accidents, head injuries, as well as injury cases arising from chemical exposure and toxic materials. Many cases have involved retaining engineering firms and other forensic experts to help establish the cause and extent of injury, the reason for equipment failure, or accident reconstruction. We often use forensic medical and accounting experts to help establish the extent of injury and damages, as well as the amount of lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and the past and future costs of care and related damages.

Police and Firefighter Injury Claims

We have been frequently asked to represent police officers and the family members of police officers injured in the line of duty. We have the experience to litigate, if necessary, against individuals, companies, or government entities that have negligently caused injury to a police officer. We are also interested in representing firefighters injured in the line of duty, and their family members. Police and firefighters perform dangerous work and are too frequently injured in the line of duty. We can help recover lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses beyond what is available through workers compensation. This area of law requires knowledge of the rights under particular retirement plans, as well as awareness of pre-claim notice procedures. We have substantial experience representing those injured in the line of duty and therefore the requisite knowledge and skill for these types of claims. We have also represented and advised police officers that have been personally sued for alleged negligence relating to their duties as police officers.


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